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    • Our shop signboard menu! Spilling sparkling wine spilling

      800 yen (excluding tax)

      We will offer it in a spill style using a square.

    • Grass wine of this month (white · red · rose)

      600 yen (excluding tax) -

      We are preparing 10 kinds at all times ※ Please ask the staff for details

  • ... ◇ ◇ All 3,500 yen (excluding tax) ◇ ◇ ...

    • [Sparkling] Oya de Cadenas Cava Burutto Natule (Dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Spain varieties: Macabeo / white bubble] Sparkling wine with a soft taste and citrus fresh scent.

    • [White] Sasimi Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (Dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Australia variety: Sauvignon · Blanc] Passion fruit aroma.Features fruit and acid reminiscent of lemon and lime.

    • [White] Robetia Chardonnay 2016 (Dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Spain varieties: Chardonnay] 100% organic grapes.Fresh taste and rich in Chardonnay.

    • [White] Estella Moscat 2015 (Dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy varieties: Moscato] A refreshing dry white wine balanced between acid and mineral feeling.

    • [White] Vitis de Assul y Galantha 2015 (dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Spain Varieties: Lunaccia Blanca, Biura] The fragrance like flowers is comfortable, harmonizing glossy and adequate fruit taste and fresh acidity.

    • [White] Cote du Rhone White La Julia 2015 (dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Clérett, Grenache Bran, Viognier] Rhone white wine produced by a 5-star producer.Aroma and comfortable taste that makes you reminiscent of flower aroma, peach, pear, etc.

    • [White] Donna Marzia Chardonnay Oak Barrel Aging 2016 (Dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy varieties: Chardonnay, Malvasia · Bianca] The nuances of wooden barrels feeling a little, featuring pleasant bitterness and powerful taste.

    • [White] Faedo Arancio Crillo 2015 (dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy varieties: Grillo] Overall round impression, rich acidity is calm and volume sense is high.

    • [White] Muros Antigos Lowrey 2016 (Dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Producing area: Portuguese varieties: Lowrei] The balance of fruit flavor and acid is wonderful, and it is compatible with cuisine in general.

    • [White] Palanga White 2016 (Dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Greek varieties: Roditis, Malaguzia] With fresh aromas of Muscat, rich fruit taste is characterized.Accents of parsley and spices.

    • [White] Muscadet - Sévre et Mae - sur - Lyre - Louvutri 2015 (dry)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Muscades] Fresh and fruity taste is the taste of this wine, an elegant acid felt on the tongue.

    • [Red] Lapariga da Quinta Tint 2014 (Medium)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Portuguese varieties: Aragones, Trinkadeira, Cabernet · Sauvignon] Enjoy very elegant and well-balanced taste and fruit taste.

    • [Red] Postcard series Elgin Pinot Noir 2015 (medium body)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: South Africa varieties: Pinot Noir] Strawberry and cherry aroma.Have a pleasant acid and soft tannin.

    • [Red] Jean · Claude · Mas Cabernet · Sauvignon Reserve 2015 (full body)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Cabernet · Sauvignon] Rich taste, characterized by a solid and solid body.

    • [Red] Mendoza Malbec Classico 2015 (full body)

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Argentina variety: Malbeck] A solid wine composed of thick fruit flavors and acids, tannins.

  • ... ◇ ◇ All 5,000 yen (tax excluded) ◇ ◇ ...

    • [Sparkling] Rotary Brut (Dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy varieties: Chardonnay / white foam] Citrus aromas are abundant and fine sparkling wines.

    • [White] Shan de Vigny Duranson · Sec 2016 (Dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Gul Manzan, Camarare] Aroma and taste are full of refreshing sensation, taste of grapefruit and summer oranges.

    • [White] Burgundy Chardonnay 2015 (Dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Chardonnay] Delicate fragrance such as citrus, hazelnut, acacia flowers.Clear and refreshing.

    • [White] Koshu Terroir · Selection Yamato 2015 (Dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Japan variety: Koshu] Koshu built from fields of Yamato-cho.There is a sense of transparency, crisp acid, and elegant mineral feeling.

    • [White] Chenin Blanc / Vionnier 2015 (dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: American varieties: Shunan Blanc, Viognier] There is a fruit flavor reminiscent of grapefruit, pear, light taste.

    • [White] Chabla La Pierre 2015 (dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Producing area: French varieties: Chardonnay] Elegant apple and pear aroma scents and wines that can feel a stunning texture in the mouth.

    • [White] Nurie Head Vionnier 2015 (Dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: American varieties: Viognier] Fresh fruit flavors such as peach, it is fresh but powerful.

    • [White] Grüner Vertorin am Berg 2014 (dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Australia Varieties: Grüner Veltliner] "Specialist of Grüner Veltliner" Nuance of pear and ripe citrus.

    • [White] III B · E · Omong White 2015 (Dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Chardonnay, Mosak] Uses fine quality limo's Chalidone.A plump taste that makes you think of tropical fruits.

    • [White] Riesling · Unplugged Trocken QbA 2015 (Dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Germany varieties: Riesling] Riesling comfortable with fresh apple and peach nuances and refreshing acid.

    • [White] Fireno di Avellino 2015 (dry)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italian variety: fiano] Volume of bulging fruit.There is a juicy like lychee, a mineral feeling like lime accented.

    • [Red] Lange Nebbiolo 2002 (Medium Body)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy variety: Nebbiolo] When drinking Nebbiolo.Fruit flavor of strawberries and acerola, characteristic of smooth fruit taste with texture to the touch.

    • [Red] Burgundy Pinot Noir 2014 (Medium Body)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Pinot Noir] Enjoy the elegance of Pinot Noir with a rich flavor and taste.

    • [Red] Taro Primitive Vodi Manduria 2014 (full body)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy variety: Primitive vo] Taste like cacao and vanilla accent, velvety like smooth mouthfeel and comfortable cassis jam.

    • [Red] Chateau · Rock · Le · Main 2014 (full body)

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Producing area: French varieties: Merlot, Cabernet · Sauvignon, Malbec] Full-bodied authentic skeleton with a solid body.

    • [Rose] Taver Rose 2016

      5000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Producing area: French varieties: Grenache, Sanso, Clairet, Schiller] A vivid and clear vermillion is beautiful rose.A sweet and comfortable scent reminiscent of strawberries and cherries is attractive.

  • ... ◇ ◇ All 7,000 yen (excluding tax) ◇ ◇ ...

    • [White] Six · Eight · Nine Napa · Valley White 2015 (Dry)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: American varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Muscat] The balance of tightened acid and ripe fruit is splendid white!

    • [White] Sansalele Romantn White 2014 (Dry)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Sauvignon · Blanc] I feel a solid body with minerals.

    • [White] Givir Le Clos de la Roche White 2015 (Dry)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France variety: Chardonnay] Beautiful shining yellow.A refreshing scent of citrus and honey.Please enjoy a fine Chardonnay.

    • [White] [Italy] Sovray 2015 (dry)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italian varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, pico rit] There is a dense texture, soft fruit taste.It is comfortable with a savory flavor and a bitter sensation.

    • [White] [New Zealand] Ceresin Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2015 (Dry)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon] The world's finest Sauvignon Blanc, full of vigorous acid and juicy fruit.

    • [Red] Marsane Les Ronjurova 2014 (full body)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Pino Noir] The texture is smooth, but the tannins are rich and dense style that feels strong as a whole.

    • [Red] Le · オ · メ ッ ド · Dessin 2012 (Full Body)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy varieties: Cabernet · Sauvignon, Merlot] Margaux rating 3 grade, Oh - Medoc wine made by Chateau Dessin.

    • [Red] Collezione · Cinquanta + 1 (full body)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Italy variety: Primitivo, Negro Amaro] Condensed fruit taste, accent of vanilla and liquorice.You can enjoy smooth and long reverberation.Red wine will not stop once you drink.

    • [Red] Côte du Rhone Village Red Le Coteaux Costo Seregre 2014 (full body)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Grenache, Noir, Schiller] When drinking Characteristics unique to vintage.I feel the goodness of aging is long lasting.

    • [Red] Laminista 2012 (full body)

      7000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: Greek varieties: Kushinoomoro] Acid and all elements are gathered together with an exquisite balance.

  • ... ◇ ◇ grand wine List ◇ ◇ ...

    • [Sparkling] Beaumont de Clay Ale Grand Reserve Brut

      10000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Munier, Chardonnay, Pino Noir] Champagne where fruity and mellow elegance stand out.Aroma of ripe fruit and fresh flavor of citrus fruits are pleasant.

    • [Sparkling] Christian · Bullmaw · Cuve · Hermans Brut

      10000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Munier] Producers of very small champagne with annual production of about 15,000 a year from just 6 hectares of fields.It is a soft and dense style with a scent that makes you think of ripe apples and sugar pickled lemon.

    • [Sparkling] Beaumont de Clay Ale Fleur Blanc Brut Mirejim 2008

      15000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Chardonnay] Sophisticated Brand-de-Blanc built with only Chaudee's cuvee (the first juice).Fine bubbling, flowers, pears and apples such as scents, a sense of maturity and freshness are compatible with rich flavor.

    • [White] Purigny / Montrachet White 2014

      17000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Producing area: French varieties: Chardonnay] Select carefully selected grapes with a high age among the owned fields.Acid with a sense of transparency and fine minerals complement rich fruit taste.It is an obedient yet refined white wine.

    • [White] Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley 2013

      9000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: American varieties: Chardonnay] Have deep mango aroma, fresh lemon fruit and lemon fruits, creamy hazelnut flavor.Among the citrus fruits, the element of lemon scent is strong, and white with a splendid acid drifts the smell of sesame!

    • [White] Gewurz Traminer Anderson Valley 2015

      8000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: American varieties: Gewurz Traminer] I have aromas reminiscent of tea, earth, apples.It is a thick and dry style white wine with a complex taste that flavors such as spices, apples and pineapple overlap each other.

    • [Red] de Trafford Cabernet · Sauvignon 2012

      10000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Producing area: South African varieties: Cabernet · Sauvignon, Merlot, Schiller] Architect Traford stuck to extremely small-volume production and handmade at the excellent production area in South Africa.It is characterized by a condensed smell of blackberry, thick ripe tannin, a heavy feeling and a long finish.

    • [Red] Jevre Chambertin 2013

      12000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Pino Noir] Domaines seeking elegance and aroma height.It is an elegant but powerful, mineralized wine.You can also enjoy a variety of red fruit aromas and a little spicy scent.

    • [Red] Le Marquis de Caron Segur 2014

      9500 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: France varieties: Merlot, Cabernet · Sauvignon] The former owner Second label labeled by Château Caron Sousgur, a celestial product of Saint-Tepef famous as the chateau loved by Earl Segur.

    • [Red] Girolat Red 2011

      19,000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Producing area: French varieties: Merlot] The flagship of Tour de Milamba, built by Mr. Thibault Despagne who is a revolutionary in Bordeaux.Ultra high density, 100% new barrel fermentation · aging.Rich fruit taste and smooth and elegant taste.

    • [Red] Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley 2013

      11000 yen (excluding tax)

      [Origin: American varieties: Pinot Noir] Characterized by delicate aromas reminiscent of tea leaves, fruit flavors such as raspberries, and unique structures that make you feel the nuances of the forest and sometimes jibi etc.

  • ◇ Beer ◇

    • Heartland (raw)

      700 yen (excluding tax)
  • ◇ Wine Cocktail ◇

    • Kir Royale

      800 yen (excluding tax)
    • Fruit Sangria

      800 yen (excluding tax)
    • keel

      700 yen (excluding tax)
    • Blood Orange Mimosa

      800 yen (excluding tax)
    • White Mimosa

      800 yen (excluding tax)
  • ◇ Soft Drink ◇

    • Blood orange juice

      600 yen (excluding tax)
    • Grapefruit juice

      500 yen (excluding tax)
    • Perrier (330 ml)

      650 yen (excluding tax)
    • Aquapanna (500 ml)

      800 yen (excluding tax)